Home Winemaking Equipment


Home Winemaker Depot a Prospero Equipment Company has been providing the home winemaker with quality winemaking equipment for over 40 years.

It's parent company Prospero Equipment Corporation is one of the largest importers of Professional Wine Making Equipment in the United States providing the most famous wineries across the U.S. and Canada with commercial equipment.
We have carefully selected state of the art durable equipment for both the home winemaker, as well as, wineries we service across the country. Wine equipment whether large or small plays an integral part of the quality of wine produced. We invite you to visit our retail store to see the quality home winemaking equipment that is available. Come and see what's new.
We look forward to this year's harvest and grape season, but most of all we look forward to seeing our valued customers and providing you with the best grapes, equipment and service possible to produce your wine.

- Destemmers and Crushers 
- Destemmer Stand, Eggplant Press, Liverani Pumps 
- Vertical Basket Press, Hydraulic Vertical Basket Press 
- Wine Books 
- Carboys & Demijohns, Plastic Wine Tanks 
- Plastic Fermentor Tubs, Plastic Funnels 
- Wine Barrels 
- Variable Capacity Wine Tanks from SK 
- Variable Capacity Wine Tanks from Minox & Olive Oil Drum 
- Corker, Corks, Capping, Wooden & Brass Barrel Spigot 
- Stainless Steel Plate & Frame Filters 
- The Enolmatic Filler 
- Bottles and Racks, Lab Equipment 
- Reference 
- Yeast & Chemicals 
- Outdoor Brick Ovens

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