GAI was founded in 1946 in Pinerolo (TO) by Giacomo Gai and his wife Elsa. In 1959 the company moved to Trofarello (TO) and since 1972 has been lead by Giacomo's sons: Mr. Battista and Eng. Carlo, helped by their wives Adriana and Renata. In 1985 all activities were moved to Ceresole d'Alba (CN), where the company has continued to grow. Today, the management now includes the third generation. Managerial positions are now held by: Dr. Giacomo, administration manager (Battista and Adriana's son), and engineers Guglielmo and Giovanni, (Carlo and Renata's sons), who head the industrial and commercial departments. GAI is a robust family company, firmly rooted in its traditions, and with open horizons to the world, where it is present on 5 continents through its network of distributors.

The GAI company's headquarters are located at no. 33 Frazione Cappelli, in an outlying district of the village of Ceresole d'Alba (CN).
They stand in open countryside, just 7,5 kms from the Carmagnola exit of the Turin-Savona motorway, linking the factory to the entire Italian motorway network via the ring road around Turin.
The buildings extend over approx. 27,000 m2, and there are around 35,000 m2 of roadways and services areas, and 80,000 m2 of open land, forming a total site area of 142,000 m2.
The availability of space has made it possible to create an attractive setting, with large parking areas, a company sports centre, and grounds with two lakes collecting rainwater.



GAI has a 1,200 kW solar power plant producing more than 70% of the company's energy needs. Photovoltaic panels cover around 10,000 m² of the roof facing south, while solar thermal panels are fitted to a further 360 m².
The company's energy independence is ensured by a 730 Kw generator.
All the thermal energy produced by the generator plus the solar thermal energy is stored in three tanks with a total capacity of approx. 220 m³: with this system the use of heating fuel has been reduced to almost zero.
In environmental terms, these systems together reduce the production of CO2 by around 1,000 tons/year.
We can therefore proudly state that today GAI is leading the way environmentally too.

The speed in technological innovation and the important changes in products asked from market requires a continuous updating in all operators of our field: technicians and salesmen, in the company, resellers in Italy, and importers in the lot of Countries in which GAI is represented.
70% of our machines is exported worldwide and it is fundamental that our importers are able to offer prompt responses and technical service. For those reasons since ever we give a great attention to the technical and commercial training and to the technical research.



GAI produces more than 90% of its machinery components, so our stable of machine tools is often subject to renewal, sourcing the best the market has to offer. 
GAI has invested in a machine tool C.N. to work large dimensions parts and also very complex sizes. The introduction of always more articulated machineries allows to work and finish each part in only one site without always stopping and starting the process, and consequent deficiency in accuracy and delaying in timing.
Plate processing is also performed in GAI by using the finest equipment actually available on the market.

GAI produces around 1,000 automatic bottling machines every year.
Machines are assembled in series, with specifications made according to the particular requests of customers.

In 1979 GAI introduced an innovation: the first "monobloc" with a 12-spout filler and single-head corker.
Thirty years later, with more than 15,000 monoblocs sold worldwide, the monobloc solution continues to stand out for practicality and efficiency.
GAI's goal is to produce machines which are easy to use, reliable and timeless.
Our extensive research and developments has created the possibility to perform the entire bottling and bottling dressing process with only two monoblocs:
• one for rinsing – deaerating – filling – gas injecting – closing the bottle
• the other for washing – drying – capsuling and labelling
Highly modular solutions allows us to produce over 90% of the components in our own factory.
This translates into benefits in terms of quality, cost and availability of spare parts.



The best selling Monoblock in the world, utilizing the latest technology taking into account simple, practical procedures for bottling and sanitation procedures.  Customizing Monoblocks for each customer incorporating Rinser/De-Aeration/Filler/Corker/Capper as well as combinations featuring Foil spinners/Labelers; Bottle washers/dryers.