CMA was started in 1982 as a result of its founding members’previous experience in leading companies in the sector.
CMA has always specialised in producing enological machinery for small and mediumsize wine cellars.
CMA is able to meet the demands of an ever-growing market thanks to its artisantype character.
At the present CMA products can be found not only on the home market, but also in Germany, France, Austria and other European Community member countries.
This progressive company growth is due to the promotion of mutual trust with its clients, who in turn help the company to preserve the up-to-date quality of the machinery it produces.
This is the confirmation of the passion for this work, which is constantly looking for greater rewards.

Creating customized crush equipment specifically designed to the individual client’s design if needed.

CMA is on the market with a wide range of equipment for oenology: 

  • destemmers, 
  • pumps, 
  • systems, selection of grapes. 


Destemmer Lugana

The destemmer Lugana model has been designed to comply with the characteristics of the grape. In particular, the feeding screw and the axis Destemmer are variable rotation and customizable, spatulas are rubber and food can vary the inclination of machining and the distance between the rollers can be varied to adjust the crushing. The destemmer Lugana is a machine versatile and suitable for all needs, it is possible to use it as a stemmer and crusher in order to work as grapes harvested manually and mechanically. The machine has a maintenance simple and inexpensive and is easily disassembled for thorough cleaning and deep, even using a built-in cleaning system. 

Peristaltic Pumps EPP model 

CMA produces a wide range of peristaltic pumps to transfer product (grapes, must and wine) in a delicate without altering its organoleptic characteristics. This result is obtained thanks to the fact that no mechanical part of the pump is in contact with the product. Moreover, the peristaltic pump is able to work without breaking vacuum even without the presence of the product to be transferred. 

Mono Pumps MP series 

The mono pumps MP series are used for the transfer of grapes, must and wine thanks to a helical screw stainless steel that rotates inside a stator material for foods. Even with the mono pump you get a delicate transfer of the product without alteration. The key features of the mono pump are: work on a low number of turns so as to last a long time without the need for a continuous maintenance, possibility of transferring thick liquids or fragile the product flow is constant, manufactured in stainless steel, dimensions to be used easily in the cellars, equipped with a temperature sensor to prevent operation in the absence of product to prevent overheating. 

System of automatic selection TOMMY  

CMA specializes in designing lines for automatic selection of the grapes. In particular, the system TOMMY is the latest project of the company that allows the automatic selection of the grape stalks and remove unwanted components such as stems and leaves. TOMMY The system is constructed of stainless steel with a vibrating plane that makes the first selection and allows a draining of the product. A subsequent grid allows the separation of solids from the juice. At this point the grapes reaches the carpet selector drilled that, thanks to a suitable vibration, allows the grapes to fall and to retain the stems.