• GAI - Bottling equipment for wine, beer, olive oil and other beverages  

One of the leading bottling equipment manufactures, utilizing the latest technology in design and construction. GAI designs and constructs over 90% of the components for each Monoblock's in house for reliability, durability and quality. Their Monoblock's are designed for the operator in mind with ease in startup sanitation through bottling procedures. GAI's Monoblocks are comprised of Rinser/De-Aeration/Filler/Corker/Capper, along with another for bottle washing & drying, Foil spinners/Labelers.


•CMA - Grape processing equipment

Specializing in customized crush equipment including sorting tables, automated grape sorting machines, belt elevators, crushers/destemmers and must pumps. CMA designs their equipment with the ease in processing, maintaining and cleaning in mind.


• SK Group -  Stainless steel tanks and pneumatic presses 

Manufacture both standard and custom designed tanks with automatic punch down, pump over seed removal systems as well as fixed and variable capacity tanks from 5 hl to 130 hl. for red and white wine production. SK also manufactures various types of pneumatic presses with added options such as cooling jackets, temperature gauges. 

• WINUS - Winery glycol refrigeration systems 

Specializing in a wide range of cooling and heating units starting at 105 kw to 1.4 Kw units. They are easy to operate and worry free maintenance.


• LIVERANI - Flexible impeller pumps and OMAC stainless steel rotary lobes pumps 

High quality pump featuring variable speed drives in 1.5" to 3" for must, wine and juice


• APE - Automatic case packers and palletizers 

Specialize in automated de-palletizers, carton erectors & packaging machines for high speed production.


• OMAC- Wine machines

Production of machines for the wine and realization of complete systems for the making, using top quality materials and utilizing the best technologies.


• MAKRO - Industrial labelling machines 

More than 30 years of professional experience perfected in the field of industrial labelling machines by its technicians.


• OMBF - Automatic and semiautomatic machines.

Specialised in the supply of machinery for the wine sector, stands out in the market for its marked vocation to study and to produce advanced technological solutions. In this view were born innovative automatic and semiautomatic machines, able to  satisfy the most different market kinds.

• SIFA - Beverage tecnology

Company with extensive experience in separation, in the lines of tangential microfiltration is at the forefront in all methods: flotation, filtration traditional, microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis. Only company in the industry that produces filters tangential differentiated according to the needs of the process, by engineering and managing all types of membranes.


• BARISON- alcohol distilling plants

Specialized in designing and manufacturing alcohol distilling plants 


• COLUMBIA - Boiler Company

Our Company's history dates back to 1936 when we began making boilers for simple steam process operations. With the exception of a few wartime years when we manufactured steel holding tanks and heat exchangers, we've specialized in boilers. Today, our hydronic units include models and sizes for every domestic, commercial, and industrial application... with distribution worldwide.



Since 1978 Enolta Mapan has been making corking machines for wine and oil bottles.


• ENOS - Adhesive Labeling

ENOS manufactures labeling machines with glue and adhesive target of small and medium-sized wineries 



Our best business is a range of technologically advanced and capable of filling used bottles and cans in any form and material.



Tecnomax-Due is become in the time one of the most important protagonists of the bottling world market, in the production of capping heads, magnetic torque heads and bench S/A machines for small productions and/or laboratory’s tests.


• DOGLIOTTI - Wine Making Machine

Dogliotti wine making machine has become a leader in the construction of machines for the wine due to the result of many years of experience in the bottling industry and for the realization of complete systems in both single installation of machinery. 


• ITALFILTERS - Plate & Frame, D.E., rotary vacuum filters

Italfilters is one consolidated firm operating in the mechanical construction of filtering and cooling systems di wine, beer and chemical industry.